About The Band

DUPREE (formerly known as Good Reception) is a new Contemporary Christian Rock band out of Orlando, Florida lead by guitarist Dylan Dupree (singer/songwriter) and Lauren Dupree (singer/songwriter/keys.)  The duo comes from a long line of jazz/classical musicians.  And here’s a little known secret - many fans are unaware…Lauren is actually Dylan’s mom.  She jokes that she needed a guitar player for her band, so she had one.  Indeed she got a lefty guitarist (they’re both lefty) that also happens to shred a guitar like nobody’s business!


The up & coming duo has been compared to a modern day Partridge family or a hipped-up version of The Judd’s, joining the lineage of popular family-themed artists.  The band’s endearing performances touch the hearts of their fans as well as fans of guitar-centric rock music.  Dylan is often nicknamed “John Mayer Jr.” for his similar looks and mad skills on guitar.  All ages enjoy this band’s energetic warm sound, and fans are already asking for more.


Dylan & Lauren together write and produce all their music.  And get this…Dylan also plays guitar, drums, keys & bass on the recordings!


As a musical child prodigy, Dylan has studied guitar since the age of seven years old. At the young age of 18, days after graduating from high school, Dylan was asked to tour with the multi-platinum selling boy band LFO as lead guitarist for their 2017 summer tour. At the same time, he was accepted into Berklee College of Music, but decided to stay in Florida to study music at Rollins College.  Three semesters and the Dean’s list later, he took a hiatus to pursue his music career full-time. The rest is history in the making!


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Management and Booking


       Email: dupreemusicofficial@gmail.com


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